Wednesday, 1 February 2012

These days

Life feels a wee bit hectic yet again, that blooming job of mine is taking up all my time. Alas such is life so i thought i would pop over and share some pics of what i've been up to.

I forget what day it was but one of them made for a very soggy walk to work

I knit on my hat which was a bus project.

oh my sis sent me this pic of her Owls jumper finally finished, 

i bought some yarn to make socks

i went to knit night

i started buying baby clothes for the babies of 2012, so far there are 5 on the way! 5!

my wool winder arrived yay

and my swift

i worked on my scarf, this become a bus project after i finished my hat

i cast off my daybreak which took me this long

Saturday i hung out with my gorgeous fella, we havent had a day at home since my birthday which was a whole month ago. So we headed to blockbuster! We were gonna go to the cinema but you know its well pricey!

we treated ourselves to 4 dvds, we never do this but felt we deserved it

So after Blocky as its called in our house, we went to one of our favourite places and where we got engaged Roundhay Park.

We took photos of my new hat.

The sun was out for the first time in a while, well im sure its out in the day but you know trapped at work!

Love this pic

Hello sunshine!

Few hand held pics

yeh check us out in our knitwear!

So on sunday i went off to the Trafford Centre with my friend, it was my first time there, it was a snowy journey.

My oldest friend and one of my Bridesmaids is having a baby late June so we went to check some baby stuff out as well as some Bridesmaid dress shopping before she gets too big lol

I just loved this, I love Lady and the Tramp and was very excited to see these.

So had a debate over new minnie vs proper minnie, say to say we like 'old' minnie better!

We had a wee Yo Sushi yum!

That night i did a bit of my Laika, this has been on my needles for months and its a tricky pattern but i feel like i am finally getting the hang of it (about blooming time) so i have been powering on with this.

As i finished my bus projects, i needed something else so started Jaywalker socks

I nipped out on my lunch to town (not a easy thing now to work a million miles away from everywhere) and i got these super cute bunny socks!

Rob had been off so made dinner part of it included purple mash! From purple potatoes!


So there you go, thats me/you all caught up.

Hope your week is going well, thursday tomorrow which is nearly friday, well thats what i keep telling myself!

thanks for calling by

Rach x


Libby said...

Sounds like you've been busy. Love the pics of you and Rob - too cute. And all that yummy knitting - I haven't touched any wool in ages. And I agree 100% the old Minnie is the best :-).

Jackie xxx said...

WOW Rachel, you have been busy, love the photos of your both in the park - hope to see them on a scrapbook page soon - are you still scrapping?

Mel said...

Looks like fun. We had purple mash over Christmas - seems odd but tastes the same. I think you imagine it to taste like playdough!

naomi said...

Have you watched Change-Up yet?? I saw it at the cinema - loved it, so funny :D


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