Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Knitters Dream!

Hi guys, so I thought i would come over and show you some photos of our awesome weekend away. Natalie drove us over after work on friday to Keldy, we made it in 1 1/2 hours this was awesome, so many of our weekend away trips are so far so this was ace.

The cabin was fab, seriously in the middle of no where, we knew there would be no internet but there was no signal either so yes very different but everyone got much more knitting done because of it.

So here are some photos, obvs we were just sitting round knitting all day so no thrilling photos lol but cute anyway.

My main task this weekend was to get my latest baby blanket.

so this is our little friend

ah saturday morning just sitting and hanging out

So this is our cabin

cute right?

I had to relocate to the bedroom to do some tricky knitting 

and there was a hot tub! It was awesome, i have not been in one for ages, i went in twice, i had to buy a costume but made the most of it.

We all loved it!

This is our view from the hot tub! 


I finished the baby blanket yay, more on that another day!

So there you go, Forest Holidays, Keldy, North Yorkshire, it was a bargain and completely awesome. Perfect place to go and knit, and even a big table so i managed to do 2 of the fastest scrappy pages in the land lol

Cant wait to go back



Rachael G said...

It looks so relaxing!!

Jackie xxx said...

WOW ... the cabin looks great. Glad you got your blanket finished. Looking forward to seeing the finished item. x

Libby said...

Sounds like a truly wonderful weekend. I think having no internet (while I would miss) would be very beneficial to getting things done :-).


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