Tuesday, 17 January 2012


So a couple of weeks ago i was going through my albums and putting them in date order, a few of my chums have done this and i thought it was a good idea, maybe only for 2011 as it would be a giant job lol.

But when you do it in date order you see gaps, doing my Doc 2011 has used all the 'events' so i havent scrapped a great amount in 2011, so the other day i went through and scrapped a few photos that were 'missing'. I didnt get far in the year, so this is March and scrapping my baby bunnies.

Yes im sure rob isnt going to be too chuffed im putting photos of him in his dressing gown for all the world to see, but we arent looking at him we are looking at these gorgeous bunnies, who used to sit all snuggled up.

I got a ton of sassafras stickers from a sale somewhere online so have been all about them lately.

These are the photos we took the week before we went to pick them up, the next day i got engaged lol.

I still have loads of gaps to fill in, especially towards the end of the year when i all but stopped scrapping but i will catch up soon. Especially now i have my new fancy desk which i have been really enjoying sitting at.

I sat there the other day and finished my JYC so i shall be back with that soon.
I also started Dec 2011 pages so thats nearly finished too.


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Libby said...

Looks like a good job done. I use the library of memory system for layouts. I've totally come to a standstill with my scrapbooking and am seriously thinking of just doing a printed album for the year and maybe scrapbooking special projects only. STILL haven't touched journal your Christmas. Keep posting so you can inspire me :-).


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