Thursday, 15 December 2011


It sure has been a interesting week, Ive been meaning to show you my photos from Edinburgh all week but I have had the complete lurgy (Gastroenteritis to be exact so really nasty)! I had been feeling unwell all weekend really but got worse just as i got on the train, safe to say i had the worse train journey of my life. I have been off work all week and feeling completely guilty about it too. I've not knit a single stitch and have been too poorly to care. Today i appear to have turned a corner (i hope/pray/plead)!

So as i prop myself up on the sofa i thought i could share some photos.

Straight into my pjs when i got there 

Look what was waiting for me when i woke up! WOW 

so we bundled up and headed into town

oohh a Christmas Shop

we did our research and mapped out all the yarn shops.

This was K1 which had a very select amount of yarn but lovely shop

me and Emily both bought a skien of yummy Aran yet to have a project in mind.

We wondered by the christmas market which was rammed, we had planned to go back later when it was dark. 

We then walked to MCAdirect, I use this company quite often online.

The shop was nice and had a fire, i had my winter boots on and coat, hat, scarf, gloves yet i was stupidly freezing so stood in front of the fire.

We went to a cute little cafe for some Hot Chocolate, then we got tempted by the yummy soup

oh this is my yarn

and my soup.
Can i pause and just share that this is the last meal i have eaten (yes i know its thursday)

lovely Emily

The castle looked super pretty as we headed back home. Then i have no picture but we saw a reindeer! A REINDEER walking down the street, obviously with its owner but WOW.

we headed past the big wheel

saw a giant xmas tree

dont you love a good Instagram filter

yep i sure do

I have to stay by this point i was feeling icky, so we just chilled out and watched films, i dont think i even did any knitting.

Sunday i felt a bit worse so we sat under the duvet and i pretty much slept all morning.

I tried to perk myself up with some invitation designing.

You dont need to hear about my horrid train journey home, safe to say i dont want to get on a train in a hurry.

So there you go, that was my weekend. I feel bad i couldnt make the most of Edinburgh.

So on a side note someone commented to ask if the punches were still available i cant get in touch with you but yes they are available.

Right that think that will do for now.

Thanks for stopping by
Rachel x


Sarah said...

So sorry you have been poorly, hope you are on the mend now! Lovely pics of Edinburgh!! x

Jude said...

So sorry you weren't able to enjoy Edinburgh properly. I love Edinburgh....probably my favourite city in the country. That Christmas shop is there all year round! :O Is that the Church on the Royal Mile? St Giles? Did you manage to go inside? It's beautiful.
Good that you are on the mend. I had Gastro-enteritis years ago - thankfully just the once in my life! It's horrible, isn't it? Get well soon and enjoy your weekend.

Libby said...

Love all the photos. So sorry to hear you weren't well though. Being sick away from home sucks.


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