Saturday, 3 December 2011

Crafty/Germy Cottage

So its been a week since we went to the crafty cottage, we had a jolly old time, our main photo organiser Laura was missing so we dont have tons of grp pics but here are a few random ones.

Quick pitt stop on the 7 hour journey down!

Then to crafting 

This year we all did Secret santa, we dont normally go away as late as November so we were feeling a bit festive.

I had a bit of 'downtime' with my knitting 

We went out for a lovely meal in the evening.

lots of giggles

I taught Leanne how to magic loop.

On sunday Laura, Will and Abi arrived so we did secret santa

I got this super cute cup and a lush little xmas house.

I managed to sneak some cuddles with the gorgeous Abi

We got packed and said bye to the horses

and headed back on the road.

Home to my man!

So Germy Cottage, a few of the girls were sick at the weekend and naturally i caught it and as did most of the other girls, there is only Shim standing, everyone got ill!

So yes a fun old week this one has been lol.

So there you go, i have a few pages to blog too so i will get on the case.

thanks for stopping by

Rachel x


Mel said...

Love the photo diary of your little trip - looked fab! i have that exact same jumper and find it hard not to wear it every day its so comfy and snug!

Libby said...

Girls/craft weekends are the best. But not when everyone gets sick :-(. Still it looks like a lovely place to hang out. Hope you're feeling better now. Oh, and I love the mug.


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