Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The last day of summer

Now im sure you are bored of reading how hot it has been in the UK this past week, but to be honest i wasnt really loving it, i dont like being hot not at all, certainly not in the working week.

But anyway i was glad it was sunny for my little trip to see Heather on saturday, but quite frankly it was boiling

So off i went in my 3/4 length trousers on the 1st October

fed my girls

Now this collection has been going on all week, so i needed heather for a bit of help

so on a train i went

and knitting i did

then i met heathers bunnies

then we nipped to the shops, and spotted some buttons i liked for my new cardi

there we are

we fell for some Jelly cat bunnies, hoping santa brings me 2, i need a fully one and a fun one please thank you

i bought bulbs from the market

then heather got to teaching me some more crochet.
Me and my sister are planning on making a blanket for my granny for her 80th so i needed to get a few more skills

heather drank tea

and i just looked confused

this is now my new photo when heather rings me, it makes me laugh

so some serious crochet photos, i then emailed them all to myself with notes lol

Heather found this app on my phone, i have about 6 of these now lol

Then we went for a little walk and i bought some frames (which proved very heavy on the train)

we did some shadow photos

i might have bought a little more wool

and a little fabric

We crocheted until it got dark, or very nearly. Heather started 2 of my new blankets, im just not great at crochet and if she stats them then i know they are at least started right, i know its a pain but she did it anywhere :)

So i lugged my knitting and all my new photo frames and my new wool on the train, and then sat at the bus stop with the drunken idiots and went home

So there you go a super spiffing day, we had planned a really Autumn day but it turned out to be the last day of summer, actually im going to change the title of this post to that.

So saturday was super and crazy hot and sunday was cloudy

thanks for stopping by

rach xx


Nicola said...

Hope you took good notes, otherwise we're screwed!

Rachael xxx said...

Nothing better than new stash.

What is that app?

heather said...

Love this post! and yes, what is that photo booth app...love those!


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