Sunday, 25 September 2011

To the moon & back!!

Today is a an exciting day as things go! I'm talking about knitting before you get too excited!

I have been working on Laika since July and to be honest it's not been much fun, every week I have to take it to knit night because I'm stuck! Every week Gwen at Baa ram ewe helps me!

But today it's got a bit of length on it

-I have just separated the sleeves yay! So thankfully I now have 100 sts less which is a welcome relief!

And the exciting bit???

I'm finally starting my second ball!! Admittedly I think it takes 8 to finish it but after all the hassle it looks like it's finally getting there!

No I may have missed the whole mid season knit wear window but still it's finally looking like one day it might be a cardigan!

However I'm now stuck here

And so the battle continues!!

Rachel x

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