Tuesday, 27 September 2011

7 days in September

You impressed with my blogging? i know i am lol so 7 more days have passed, i like doing my 7 day posts, they are quick and easy and great to look back on.

So last Sunday was pretty chilled, I went to a wedding fair with Vic and then just chilled out

This is my cute Herdy mug i got at the corn exchange the other week.

Monday, we and Rob had the day off, we never get 2 days off together  and it was great, we didnt do much, i had a driving lesson, did some theory test revision and thats about it.

Tuesday, got up early for driving lesson, then straight to Tesco

Then we came home and had a crazy couple of hours cooking a million meals

we bought these awesome standing up freezer bags and bagged up our spag bol, be great for after work when we cant be bothered to cook.

There was a awesome sunset that night

i managed a bit of hooking

and a lots of knitting before it was back to work.

Work was same old but i knew i had a wooly bag to pick up which brighten my day up

Thursday the pick a mix ladies came in yum!

Friday lunch time and a bit of knitting

followed by a 35 min wait for a bus thats due every 10 mins! 1 hour door to door it took to get home and im like 5miles from town! 

nice friday night treat of a special chow mein

some Laika knitting which i am slowly getting the hang of

as you know we went to Temple Newsam on saturday

and that is my 7 days, what have you been up to???

Rach xx


Mel said...

Looks like fun. Good luck with the driving. Bet its so frustrating waiting for buses all the time - at least you can knit. I have mostly been planning lessons and marking books!

Fresh Delight said...

I just looked aroudn and...
Your scrapbooking = WOOW!!



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