Monday, 8 August 2011


So normally I plan my evening in my head, if its free like tonight is, on the bus im like what shall i do when i get in? do i have computer type jobs to do, shall i knit, go in the garden. I was all planning to go and knit having made serious progress on a chunky cardi today, and i thought oh i might do Shims  sketch, so you know i did. 

So there you go, i did it in super zooming time and its cute, my bunnies are crazy cute right?

Right off to do some more knitting, i do need to track down a pie, you know when you want to eat something in particular i feel the need for pie, sadly we dont have one, maybe pub tea?

have a nice evening

rach x

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Jen said...

cute page! I plan my evenings in my head too, sadly they don't usually go to plan lol. Take tonight... plan: early dinner, little scrapping, work on cross stitch. Actual: Benjamin took over 2 hours to put down for the night, dinner at gone 9pm, off to bed!


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