Thursday, 21 July 2011


To catch up on blog posts!

Quick bunny update, they sadly didn't eat all night so we took them back to the vet first thing!

I arranged I would pick them up at 4, when I got there I was told they still hasn't eaten & had to stay overnight. So we are now in a very quiet house! They are being syringe fed every 2 hours so hoping we can bring them home tomo.

Bit off topic but thought I would share a few photos from the fab wedding i went to with my family last weekend.


Fun huh!! It was also Robs birthday in sunday (busy bee huh)

Awesome card

Giant burgers then Harry Potter

Which was awesome obvs!!

Right well i need to catch up on some sleep after bunny patrol had me up late last night

Hoping to blog properly soon

Rach x

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Libby said...

Looks like a fun weekend. Hope the bunnies get over their ordeal and are back home very soon.


Bunny Mommy said...

Hia I just wanted to say I hope your bunnies feel better v soon. I'm an experienced bunny mommy too. I would make sure that they are being given fibreplex or something similar and also a gut stimulant and pain relief. There is a fab bunny forum you may like to join:

JO SOWERBY said...

ooh hope the bunnies are feeling better tomorrow. bunnies are amazingly resilient. my rabbit lives with his adopted family is coming up for 10 this year which apparently is unheard of,
jo xxx


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