Saturday, 18 June 2011


YAY! finally we have got some colour on our walls, after student halls to student houses, then to rented flats, houses everything has been white white white, so when we bought this house i wanted everything painting immediately, obviously thats not terribly practical so it was only last weekend we got around to doing it.

So here are a few snaps

masking taping everything, huge giant pain, but necessary 

Scary Stuff 

This is a massive wall

we stopped for a quick break here

We went pink pink pink in the ensuite, but only one wall

and the same in the downstairs loo but 2 walls in here

& after much hours later it was finished!



So there you go, i havent got any photos of downstairs yet but will 

We are thinking something like this for about the bed

or this

or this

they are super cute!

Today is a big tidy up day sadly, thou we did get a few bits of Ikea last night so not all dull dull dull, also our rabbit run arrived last night so the bunnies are happily bouncing around, we have a video which i will share with a few pics tomorrow.

have a great saturday xx


JO SOWERBY said...

i love ur walls they are fab and masking tape is soooooooo worth the hassle. my personal fave for ur bed wall is the fairies.............if u dont know what im on about it's the dandelion seeds! they look like they would be sending you beautiful dreams of love,
jo xxxx

Abi said...

lovely colours on the wall! They make the space look lovely. I am in love with those huge wall art pieces! esp. the dandelion one. xxx

Mel J said...

Love all the bright colours - that is what I am most looking forward to doing when we get a house. I like the butterfly pattern a LOT!

Claireliz said...

Looks gorgeous Rachel.

Katie said...

Love the dandelion one - it's gorgeous :-)


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