Thursday, 17 March 2011


Wow I cant believe the reaction to my news, thank you all so much, every time a comment came through i would have a little giggle.
Its slowly starting to sink in, the cards are starting to roll in lol, no plans are being made as yet given that its only been a few days, and we also have the excitement of the bunnies arriving this weekend.
So very exciting times, so thank you again for being so nice.
So i thought i would stop by this this morning and share a bit of scrapping with you.
I have finished my Jan 2011 but they are on the laptop and i forget every time to transfer them over but soon i swear, but for now these.

Its nearly been a year since we lost our gorgeous little Lola, and we still miss her lots, cant believe a year has flown over so quickly. I came across these photos and in an attempt to use some old stash i got stuck in.

I completely love this Crate line, and there is a bit of Cosmo in there too, and some stickers which Jen gave me at the last retreat that i have only just used, and my current favourite punch, the martha stewart bow.

Im going to buy some of the new Crate tonight, even though i havent actually unpacked the wad i got at the retreat and my Studio Calico kit has just arrived and the fact i havent touched last months yet lol. Which Crate do you all like the best?

I have also ordered some of the photos we took when we got engaged so hoping the arrive tonight along with a few bunny ones yay.

Right best dash!

Thanks for stopping by and being so chuffed for me and Rob.

p.s still time to enter the giveaway, amazing response, it must be super cute.


Jo said...

What a gorgeous little hamster, she looks very like a hamster my son had named Speedy. She was indeed Speedy and escaped quite a few times. We once found her asleep in one of my daughter's toy boxes inside a Barbie shower of all places.

Katrina said...

Awww gorgeous pics of Lola, I remember my little hammy x

And equally gorgeous Crate - absolutely love Crate so order some for me lol! Can't decide which I love more - Emma's Shoppe, Portrait or Neighborhood?!?! Oh why is it so hard to choose! :)

I feel very tempted but also have 2 SC kits not touched as yet & no time for a couple of weeks :(

Looking forward to seeing your engagement/proposal scrap pages.

Enjoy your online shop :)


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