Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Craft Room Reveal!!!

Hurray it is finished! It has been sat very unfinished for a while, once my desks were in i pretty much just started scrapping and ignored the mess behind me lol. But on sunday i got stuck in and its now officially finished. Well there is a bit of sorting but done enough for me to show you.
Wanna see??

This is my little sewing corner, i made the curtains myself, the red magnet board, it what we used to have in our bedroom.
Little window sill
On the wall next to my sewing corner, is my new blue frame i got from B&M the other day, my lovely heart chalk board i got for xmas from my MIL, and some other cute bits i have been collecting over the past year. I actually took photos of this and realised the layout on my easel was the class i am assisting at the Sarahs Cards Retreat, fail! so had to re take the photos lol
I added a couple of little nick nacks on my frame and my lovely Home letters Sally cut for me.

Opposite to this wall is my knitting wall, there is also a bookcase which isnt tidy enough to show
Next to this is this
We got this rack for the hall to hang coats on, and the white boxes underneath were supposed to sit on it with our hats etc in, turns out it was too big for where we planned and the boxes were also too big. But it does mean i get it in my room yay! I have hung some of my bags to the hooks, mainly WIP knitting.

I also have the other frames i bought the other day and a cute photo of the scrappy gang at Lauras wedding and a cute xmas pic, as well as my lush knitted heart i got when i went to Skipton in December. My lovely Amy Butler quilt is currently sat on the shelf.
So thats what that side looks like.

My desk are just as messy as ever, i have got a few new bits to try and organise, currently they have nothing in but they will
Some good old Ikea Storage on the walls and a few cute frames.
I have used the same magnet board from my old room
This is one of my birthday cards, im 90% sure Fran got me it and i love it, i also love my knitting magnets my sister got me, and my cute dotty pegs Sj got me for xmas, i loved them at xmas and loved them even more on sunday when i found they were magnets yay!
And that is how it looks from the door
So there you go!
You like?????

I pretty much love it, cant wait to sit in it and play. But this weekend I am off to the Sarah's Cards Retreat, had i mentioned? yes im sure i have and im sooo excited. The DT are some of the nicest girls ever, and my roomie is the lovely Jen, so be great to catch up with her as i havent seen her since she became a mummy!

Can i also just point out i have 99 followers, if i have 100 by the time i get back on sunday i will do a giveaway next week!

Right i best finish off packing, I will try and blog while im away, i did manage last year, just think all that yummy CHA stash just sat in a van waiting to be unpacked. lol

Thanks for stopping by
oh in other news we are trying again to get the internet on monday, fingers crossed.

Rach xx


Heather said...

oooo you lucky girl!! We've just made over the boxroom to make it my scraproom & Im still settling in. Your room is fab :)

Nicola said...

Craft room looks great! So what room has Rob claimed? :P have a fun wkend x

Stohl said...

totally love everything- it's coming along so well! but.... I think you're "home" letters might be spelling "hemo." I don't know, it might be an American thing. seriously cute room.

Libby said...

The room looks lovely. Must be so nice having it all set up again. Oh, and I just became a follower, even though I always read your blog through google reader :-).
Have a great weekend. Can't wait to see what you make.

Lou Collins said...

Your room looks great, so nice to have all that space! I bought the heart shaped chalkboard the other day and altered it last night. Pics will be on my blog in the next day or so...hope you all really enjoy the retreat X

Jennifer said...

Lovely craft room :) amazed at your organisation!! And maybe a tiny bit jealous of you, having a craft room in the first place ;) Have a lovely weekend, and see you soon xxx

Northern Monkey said...

Wow your craft room looks great, I love it!

Christine said...

Wow what a great room, it looks so spacious too - how wonderful :-)

Jackie xxx said...

WOW - your room looks great. Love your magnetic boards and all your frames.

Thanks for sharing.



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