Saturday, 15 January 2011

Busy busy

Today has been great busy but great.
We woke from our camp bed which was just like camping out but better thou a bit dusty!

Tested the shower which was great it didn't go cold twice we even flushed the chain and used the taps and it didn't go cold! Yay!!
So carpet men rocked up at 9.45 we were told 8.30-9.30 so obvs we were ready and waiting for 8.30!

We found a corner and ate left over pizza for breakfast

Anyway it turns out that waitin for carpet waiting to be laid is boring so after some book reading on my part we headed out to a few shops.

Despite what it may seem we dont really like spending money, but there was stuff we needed practical things kinda boring but things non the less.
So today we got a splash back for the kitchen, a radiator cover (cute but no idea where it will go yet), a shower storage thing, mirror that pulls out, kitchen blind, door mat, erm i think that's it.

So inbetween our trips we came and it looked like this

-I know my blog doesn't like Instagram pics but tough!
And then the next time it was done

White wood effect in bathrooms flecky Berber in other rooms.

It looks fab and great it's not all dusty. We had to go back to the old house for more packing of random things, then grabbed and Chinese, made a make shift table with the ottoman and foot stools

Even thou we were super sleepy we still managed to lay the super carpet protector down

Clever stuff!
We were supposed to build our new bed but we are too tired.

So tomorrow is the big move day with a man and his van arriving at 10 and lots of friends and family! Bound to be crazy hectic but lots of fun too.
Nighty night Rachel x

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Claireliz said...

Its all looking fab Rachel :D


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