Tuesday, 21 December 2010

You can count on that

You know it hasnt quite sunk it that its christmas in like 3 days, i think there is one thing missing
Being at home! Dont get me wrong i love my new tree but obviously christmas/ December hasnt quite gone to plan this year so it just hasnt really felt quite right.
But christmas at home now thats a proper christmas, my mams tree (above) pretty much looks the same every year but its so pretty.
My mam said these are like her 3 chicks (as she calls me and my sisters)
Of course there has to be Mr and Mrs Clause, (these are the originals )
Cute little wooden tree and the oldest santa candle in the history of the world
So i think when i finally get home on christmas eve it will feel like christmas.
Im not sure if its a girl thing to want to be at home home at christmas, we (me and he) were supposed to wake up on christmas day together for the first time in our new house but if i cant have that i cant think of a better place to wake up than here.

However this year my middle sissy wont be there which we are all very sad about but she must surely be even more sad. (Bug hugs sissy)

But there will be lots of this
Talking and waving on the webcam. (like 2006) And i know she will have a lovely time at her friends house and here is hoping i get my sissy back next christmas.

Are you feeling festive yet? it just hasn't quite sunk in with me, i cant imagine that work is helping but onward and upward.

Right off to work
Rach x


Christine said...

I agree - can't quite believe how fast it is looming and that my list of things to do is not getting any shorter!! :-)

Nicola said...

:( :( :( sad, sad post! I wish I could be there...mrs claus is a midget as mam knit her on the wrong size needles and not sure where the chicks will go now they have a new tele? looking forward to skyping on xmas day xx

Claireliz said...

Hope you do enjoy Christmas Rachel & have a very Happy New House Year :D


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