Sunday, 26 December 2010

The Christmas Curse

-So here I am once again at Christmas and feeling shocking!

Last year was my first year for 4 years I wasn't poorly! But boy is it making up for it this year.

Currently lying on the sofa in a million blankets barely able to breathe and consequently can't sleep.

I'm so blooming mad, in all of my Christmas sickness-ness I have never been poorly on Xmas day, but this year I did.

I had a lovely day but was seriously flagging as the day went on. I have tons of cute photos and got fabulous presents. But I can't show you a that would involved moving lol!

I barely took any photos on my phone but will show you what I have.

Fab new red kitchen scales

Cute Laura Ashley jug and my lovely mug from my chum Natalie

Alfie our little house guest!

Robs family playing on my MIL new iPad (yep I'm jealous) my mam wrote me a sick note so I didnt hVe to play games lol

So I'm supposed to be hitting the sales tomorrow then getting the train back up north to meet up with some of friends.

But currently I can just about wiggle my toe so we will have to see. I have 3 days to get better for my birthday (thurs) and also not pass it onto Rob.

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas

Rach xx

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Libby said...

So sorry to hear you are so unwell Rachel. Quite a few of you in the UK seem to be the same way - which I guess is the downside to a Winter Christmas. Sounds like you managed to have a nice day none-the-less. Love the jug and that mug is just so great - and so you :-). Take care of yourself and feel better soon.



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