Friday, 10 December 2010

10 4 10

I am now on 'holiday' for 10 days! 10! then i am at work for 4 (inc xmas eve which i am gutted/mad about) then off for 10 more wowzers huh!!

I dont have too much planned which is making me quite happy, i have so many projects on that i get in from work and start knitting, sewing straight away so it will be nice to slow down.
I have lots of books out from the library that i keep renewing so im going to tackle them.
I hav quite a list of things i want to bake so am all stocked up on eggs, and thats about it, lots of sewing, knitting, reading, baking, film watching, sleeping, im well excited.

Right so its friday (yay) so i have some Finished Objects to share.

First up is the mitts i made for my friend Holly

These were a very easy knit but mitts that long on magic loop was dull dull dull and i told her that, but Rob ran into her yesterday in the christmas market and she was wearing them yay!

Think thats about it my christmas heart hat is on the decrease hurray, my fetchings are on the 2nd mitt. and if i can draw your attention to this a sale at the Jane Richmond blog her patterns are super cute and i may have just bought on yay!

Right off to spend the evening with my lovely boy and maybe a spot of baking as my mamma is visiting tomo yay!

oohh i seem to use yay i awful lot doh!
Have a lovely friday night.


Christine said...

So lovely to have all that time off stretching ahead - enjoy :-)

Mutant said...

Oh how luxurious to get some delicious time off! Good for you. I sympathize with the long mitt yucky factor but they came out super cute and I'd totally rock them :)

Tami Klockau said...

Have a GREAT vacation! You will love having not much planned but sewing, knitting and relaxing! I bet it was rewarding to hear that your friend was wearing her gloves!

Denise said...

Your mitts look great.

I've worked many a holiday when I was a nurse. It sucks but you get through it.

All that time off to look forward to.

Affiknitty said...

Beautiful mitts, and so nicely photographed with the Christmas tree!


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