Friday, 8 October 2010


Morning guys, its friday, boy do i like fridays, i rather them at 4.30 but still!
So another busy knitting week really, pleased to say i have finished my Ishbel yay! This has been another huge project like the Clapotis and its finished, im really pleased with it, it needs blocking and photographing so hope to do that tomorrow.

So today i wanted to swing by and show you my little mitts i finished the other day/week.
Its called Fetchings
Im pretty chuffed with them, i am trying to learn something new on each project i do, so on this one i learn how to do a thumb and the picot edge. I have used Debblie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, i love making these mitts and have tons of patterns ready to make different versions of them.
I have also just cast this on
Its cute right?

One more thing, look at this
This was yesterday, bright blue skies a few xmas decorations hung up too. The promise of a Indian Summer this week.
Look at this
This is how it looks today!

on that note i must go as i have 15 mins to get ready, eat, prepare lunch and run for the bus.
But at least its friday!
Rach xx


Christine said...

Your 'fetchings' are brilliant. Fridays are fab especially at about 5pm! :-)

Nicola said...

Xmas decorations???? Whyyyyyy!! Cute fetchings x

Libby said...

Hi Rachel,
Those mitts are gorgeous - you are such a talented knitter. I don't think you should be allowed to show me any more photos of life in the UK - it's making me "homesick" - even the bad weather ones - and definitely no Christmas decorations :-).


Stephanie said...

Lovely mitts :) and I saw that sky the other day! Walking to work and went past the rust coloured tower and wished I had my camera on me it looked so gorgeous. Next day, I had my camera, and it was rubbish :D


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