Thursday, 2 September 2010

18 days of R & R

I will be the first to tell you that my 9-5 isn't exactly what you would call my calling in life so 18 days off with my lovely fella is music to my ears. As you can expect i have a million billion trillion things i want to do.

First of course we are attending the wedding of Laura and Will on saturday, I am so excited to see them get married, see all my friends, see all the fabulous little touches i know she has worked so hard on. Laura and Will are a awesome couple and im beyond happy to be attending their wedding. I am also dying to know what is in that pretty jar she blogged about.
Its a hell of a journey but will be worth every second.Well Rob will be driving i will be knitting and controlling the music lol

Sunday- I am back up north north for my oldest chums wedding, to which i am bridesmaid, again lovely lovely couple and very happy to be a part of it.
So enough chatter, i made this to celebrate my holidays
This was last weekends page, a prompt from Shims online crop, using numbers, i also had a stack of journalling things which i rarely used so i dragged them all on the page, made a good dent in my old random thickers. This is just 8 of the things i want to do.

1-Weddings- as above
2- Babysit Elijah, on monday i am looking after my friends baby for a tiny bit and im excited.
3- My lovely friend Emily is coming to stay for 3 days, huge itinerary planned to be disclosed at a later date, p.s it includes lots of knitting.
4- Camping Fun, we had a terrible wet time last time we went camping in july 2008 for robs birthday i want to give it a go, using my dads tent etc, he thinks its too cold but na! so hoping to pick a sunny day and drive somewhere.
5-Sewing, this holiday my Cosmo blanket is going to be started/made (now if only katherine will blog how she made hers)
6-Packing, this is a very sore point as of today we have been told our house isnt likely to be ready till the end of October at earliest, beyond gutted so very little packing more sorting.
7-baby visiting, as a good chuck of my friends are on maternity leave i will be having lots of baby visits yippee
8- Lots of Knitting.

which leads to this list
yes i know i know, but if you cant have unrealistic expectations of your holidays when can you?
I would love to get my Clapotis done which is getting there. In the car tomorrow i plan on working on it, and my new hat im making (must take photos) and sew up the yellow baby cardi that was finally cast off yesterday with some help from a friend hurray!
So they were 8 things, this is how the rest of my timetable is looking
Its busy
So in other news
I randomly ended up walking to work via my old flat and my old lovely park.
I have got really lazy with using my Hipstamatic app but look, look how pretty it is.
So what else?
On monday we went to see this film, awesome film, Michael Cera, go and see it.
I bought and built a fabulous new knitting light, it was for the new house..... but anyway im using it now shall we say.

So i think thats a bout it i think.
Gonna get a early night it think as will be one hell of a weekend, will try and iphone blog whilst im on the move.
Rach xx
p.s Did you notice how i got through the post without mentioning that normally my 2 weeks in september are reserved for 2 weeks Florida, im not bitter or anything about the house that feels like it will never be built.


libby said...

I was actually how nice to have long vacation at home..... Until saw you normally go to Florida. Oh well, it sounds like youve got lots planned and wil have a lovely time. And when you're in your new home it will all be worth it.


Serendipity (Christine) said...

WOW you have so much planned - sounds fantastic - enjoy your time off :-)

Claire said...

Enjoy your 2 weeks off!! I am about to go back to work on Monday after 6 weeks holidays :(

Sorry to hear about the house - we were in the same boat with our house - new build will be ready October. Then we had a date for 20th Dce which people thought we would be made to move right before Christmas - but eventually moved 23rd January!! Annoying but it will all be worth it in the end!

Hugs Claire x

klmpink said...

V. Jealous of your 18 days off!

Planning on finishing quilt tonight so will attempt detailed instructions over the weekend I promise!!

Nat said...

Sounds like you're going to be busy! Enjoy your time off :) xx

Scraptastic Mel x said...

It must be annoying about the house. We are *supposed* to be saving for a house but I enjoy my holidays too much and eating out - we need to reign it in.
Enjoy the wedding tomorrow can't wait to see the pics and being a bridesmaid on Sunday - what a double whammy!! x

Jen said...

Have a fabby holiday - knowing you it'll be jam packed lol!
ooh and I'm excited because by the time you go back to work I might be a mummy!!

JO SOWERBY said...

loads of holiday fun, look forward to seeing all the pics of weddings, knitting, babies,car travel, packing and scrapping
Jo xxxx

Jenny said...

Have a fabulous break!! The house will be so worth the wait :) x x


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