Saturday, 14 August 2010

Doing it standing up!

Today i have been stood at my desk for a large chuck of the day, frantically trying to catch up with Shimelles Crop I have got quite a bit done wanna see?? I will try and put them in as much order as i can. I have used photos to add to Robs birthday book as it needed finishing.

1- Red, Aqua, White
Our first Snowball on boxing day 2009 was our first ever and we thought we would be clever and make it into a snow Mickey, it stayed in his parents garden for ages slowly melting lol.

2- Photo of a close up
My lovely Clapotis, which is strangely addictive, only thing is i'm using super fancy wool Debbie Bliss Cashemerino to be exact and everything else feels so rough compared to it eeekk. Becoming addicted to expensive wool is not a good idea.

3- Use this sketch
Jump forward to April and me and he on a trip to Otley, this sketch was so simple almost scarily so i used the lovely Cosmo - Joy Ride one of my fave boy ranges.

4- Take a photo of something Man Made

This seemed quite appropriate for me, this is the beautiful who we have been visiting, this is also the first time i have ever fed a baby and man i loved it. Lydia is 7 weeks old and a bundle of gorgeousness, more photos coming soon.


6- Take a photo through glass
This is a pic from outside my scrappy room window.

7- Scrap using circles.
Jump back to feb and the whole buying a house thing began, i scrap using circles quite often there is normally a bowl or a plate on my desk, unused might i add. As for the house we went up to see it tonight and its not moved at all ggrrr so as with last time we went we have banned ourselves from going for another 2 weeks.

8- Missed
9-Scrap using a black and white photo
If i hadnt told you i bet you wouldnt have believed that this was my page, im not quite sure where this design came from, i do have lots of scraps and this seemed like a great way to use them, i added the stitching as i couldnt deal with how sparse it looked. Im really pleased with this even though its so very un me.
10- missed

11- use 4 or more pattern paper
Ha i laugh in the face of scrap with 4 manufactures, this is something i do nearly all the time, i thought i would use some old staff as it was starting to look like my blog is sponsored by Crate and October Afternoon (i wish).
12- I am planning on doing this.

13- Journal around a photo
I have no idea what happened to the light in that photo, but anyway my favourite photos, which has been scrapped about 5 times now. I was very sneaky here and just chopped the whole section from the front sheet i got in a Crate pack a while ago and did a bit of stitching and TA DA!

14- Photos of the sky
by the way these arent the official order!
My lovely basket which is slowly coming to the end of its life but we are loving it none the less.

So thats if for now, as well as these we did a mad dash to Wilkinson today as they have a 50% sale on garden furniture, im not sure if i told you about a seat we had our eye on but anyway 50% off and its ours, this is the pic i took in the shop a couple of months ago.
A lovely 2 seater love seat, with a cute table reduced to £30 which i think is a bargain, sadly its yet another thing Rob wont let me build before we move house. I tell you we are going to be building the whole world when we finally move into our house.

Right i am off to work on my Clapotis im nearly finished a big section so have to keep going, im on bridesmaid duty tomo so doubt there will be much scrapping or knitting happening tomo but lots of wedding planning, 3 weeks tomo till Im bridesmaid, oh and that my friend gets married. And 3 weeks today till Laura gets married, gonna be a fun hectic weekend.

Night all, hope you enjoyed this giant post, turns out scrapping standing up is quite productive.
Rach xx


JO SOWERBY said...

now i had planned to take part in the fun today but things got abit out of hand in the jo flat!!! hope to join in tomorrow. loving all the hard work rachel. u defo look like an expert bab y feeder. want a new job in the health visiting team?
Jo xxx

Nicola said...

The Clapotos is coming along great, its perfect knitting. Tad worried about all these baby posts/pictures, dont make me have to come back over there....

Claireliz said...

wow, you got loads done yesterday Rachel, lovely LO's & photos

Jenny said...

Wow, lovely layouts and lots of them! So, have you fallen in love with scrapping again? xx

Claire said...

adoring all your work!! Taking part in Shimelle's crop but not managed to get as much done but enjoying it.

We have a table/chair set like that - love it although sometimes wish we have a fully reclining chair!!

Hugs Claire x

Jillian Deiling Cassity said...

wow you have been such a busy scrapper, i love all of your new layouts!!
adorable baby too. isnt feeding new babys the best? I love it too! I miss it! Gives me baby fever, haha.

Scraptastic Mel x said...

Wow we have missed your scrapping. I love that black and white one as I love stitching on a page (if that's what you have done!!) I also like the Otley one for obvious reasons. I really want a good camera, do you have SLR?? It makes pages soooo much better if the pics are good.

Sarah said...

You have got so much done! I had hoped to do some of Shimelle's crop and made a small start yesterday but a birthday party didn't leave me much time today. hopefully get some done tomorrow. x

michele said...

WOW! beautiful work and so much done! :) hugs xx


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