Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Amy Butler!

So this is the post, well slightly shorter, but the post i prepared last night.
We had a fabulous evening at Baa Ram Ewe, chance to catch up with some old friends i hadnt seen for a while.

I managed to get some help with my Clapotis, it was so packed i had to get the help in the street.
Thanks to lovely karen for taking this pic, great to see you again
So Amy! we had a lovely presentation about the behind the scenes at her studios etc really interesting and so very jealous, she also brought her new book which was great (too pricey for me sadly).
There wasnt much fabric to buy other than what Emma Garry brought, she makes loads of lovely hope stuff from Amys fabric, check her out here
So photos yes?
Amy looked like a film star, and i short and dumpy and to add insult to injury, my camera has randomly plonked some brown stuff on my teeth, awesome! I also had my tesco shopping over my arm.
I was really good and didnt buy anything, good job as my super cheap ebay find of wool for my Clapotis as sold out and now i have to pay a extra 1.35 a ball gutted!
But a great night and really pleased i went.

In other news this week, goal wise i did pretty well with last weeks,
this weeks
1- finish monster- did some on my lunch hour just a face to go!
2- finish 2nd owl
3- do good chunky of yellow cardi- done loads tonight
4- work on my clapotis
5- get hair cut and coloured before i get arrested!

Right im off to bed now, hope you enjoyed the pics
Rach xx


Nicola said...

When you say you had help in the street I take it you mean a knitter and not a random passer by?! Wow must have been busy, that shop needs to expand again! Also t-shirt weather?!?! Great pics (ps ur not short or dumpy!!) xx

PPS the green looks a lot brighter in daylight, will look awesome when its finished. x

Anne said...

Oh my, she's gorgeous! Actually, if I had known you were going to meet her, I would have sent a message - I would very much like back the days of my life I have spent doing battle with her dress pattern! I am still going, and her finished products always look gorgeous, by myohmy it's frustrating!

I'm very jealous of you having such a lovely shop near you - there's absolutely nothing like that anywhere near me :0(

Jenny said...

Jealous jealous! She doesnt look a bit like I thought she would though, don't know why? x


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