Friday, 30 July 2010


Quick blog on my lunch hour I have been on a mission to get stuff finished. However I thought I would make a little owl. And somehow even though I was at work all day I got the whole of the knitting done in a day

This is how it looked at lunch time

-tea time

Later that evening

Last night he looked that this
So I just need to give him a face which I will do in the morning ready to meet baby Elijah in the afternoon.
I will tell you another day what Mr Owl is sitting on oooohh!

I have also been frantically trying to finish a Cardigan I have been doing for weeks I currently have 264 stitches on my needle and one row took 20 mins but it is nearly there but I'm dreading the next decrease bit

I'm going home home tonight so hoping I can rope my mam into it.
That's all for now I'm off to work on another owl!
Bye x

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JO SOWERBY said...

loving the wol, my crochet is doing good.
Jo xxxx

Poinz said...

Hi Rachel! Got my goodies! Love the extras too!! Thanks so much! Fab owl!! super duper cute and can't wait to see the end result =)



Claireliz said...

your owl is looking good Rachel, I'm on a getting stufff finished mission too, problem is I keep having ideas for new things to start :D


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