Sunday, 25 July 2010


Hi guys, im a little embarrassed to come back after everyone has left me such nice comments (blush)
But the information has been very helpful so thanks very much, i will do the 'draw' tomorrow night after work.
So yesterday i went on a little trip to see the first of many gorgeous babies, I went to meet Katrin, who is my friend Lisa's baby who i work with.
I'm not quite sure how i didnt steal this gorgeous bundle.
Modelling Heather's blanket
Me and lisa and Katrin of course
Heather doing her best not to steal Katrin
Mumma and babba
And these are the few bits i got her
Super cute baby grows
No not a tissue holder but a baby shrug
This is what it should look like on a little person
This is what mine looks like on erm Pluto, we dont do teddies in this house we have dogs and thats it lol
Cute huh? The pattern is called Vinni and is on Ravelry here

I am also 90% finished with this but didnt have enough time to knit 2 sleeves press it and sew buttons on and wrap it yesterday morning

So what was pretty much the whole of the day, well i have been sorting out clothes all week in prep for moving, we cant really do much until its finished (obviously) so i can get rid of a load of stuff so thats what i'm doing.
Right im off to watch a film, finish the above cardi and nearly finish another woo.
I will be watching this tonight/now
We are suckers for Michael Cera lol
Have a lovely evening xx


JO SOWERBY said...

aw cute baby pictures rachel. glad you got lots of cuddels.
Jo xxxx

beksynormz said...

That lil shrug is amazingly cute, as is that little lady! xx

Jenny said...

Oh, baby pangs, tell me about it! Gorgeous pics and love your shrug and its model! x x

Sarah said...

Aww, such cute baby pics....almost makes me broody for another!! lol! I missed your last post about feedback but wanted to add my tuppence worth...I love your blog, exactly as it is. It's a variety of crafts (although I'm biased towards scrapping I love to see what you've knitted/crocheted), chatty, mix of pics and text, and above all fun and inspirational!!!


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