Thursday, 22 July 2010

I know I know

I am super aware i have barely been blogging this week, been busy and sleepy etc etc but thought i would stop by here and show you a few things i have been making.
First up if you read the Sarah's Cards blog you will see this i made recently.
I have seriously seen these all over lately and well i wanted one and figured i could make one and i did, im pretty chuffed with it, its cute and looking forward to hanging it on the wall in my new house.

Next up is something i have had for donkeys seriously ages and ages, and i have been meaning to alter it for ages, i started maybe 2 months ago and stopped so here it is.....
Its the cutest little mail box, im so glad i have finally finished this.

So on the knitting front still frantically going, i have just finished another ripple, literally like 10 mins ago, i have a tiny baby sleeve to finish for a not so tiny baby lol, a pink cardi to start and finish by saturday eekk, a neutral cardi and bootes to finish by next thursday help!

But my lovely friend Natalie sent me a awesome pattern the other day to rescue me from baby-ness
How cute im really looking forward to starting him, you can see Natalie's on her blog above the pattern is available on Ravelry here
So on tuesday we went to see this

Boy have we been waiting for this film for years, it was seriously awesome, not as sad as everyone said it was going to be not compared to UP which was crazy sad, but i really loved it, best of all we went to a 9pm showing so there wasnt a single kid in the showing lol

Right i have this tiny little sleeve to finish.
At the weekend i will share what i made for robs birthday and ask you a few questions along the way
thanks for stopping by xx


Jenny said...

Gotta find me that Owl pattern! So cute :) I really want to take my Mum to see Toy Story she hasn't seen a 3D movie yet so I think it would be kinda cool, glad you liked it I saw the trailer when I went to see Shrek and thought it looked ace! x

JO SOWERBY said...

love the mailbox and of course the keep calm picture. i am working my way round and round in cirles of treble crochet making lucy's bag from attic 24. it's all your fault you know making me jealous of your knitting stories, now I am doing crochet are such a bad influence Rachel ;-))
Jo xxx

Natalie said...

Love, love, love the first photo, *squeal* I WANT ONE! Eeeeeeep!
Keep up the fantastic work hun :)

Natalie said...

Love, love, love the first photo, *squeal* I WANT ONE! Eeeeeeep!
Keep up the fantastic work hun :)


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