Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Nellie's progress

Hi all sorry didn't mean to worry you with sad story, all is fine its just a sad knitting story.
So i thought i would show you my progress of my little Elephant :)

this is her body (she is a girl coz i used girl wool) Rob was most impressed and hes like oh the babies will love that ball hhmm, so it doesnt look like a elephant yet?
and this is her head, which is about to be decreased and finished woo!

excuse my iphone photos, and that the 2nd one was taken in the bus on the way home lol.
So now the sad sorry, I was feeling pretty chuffed with my 'ball' body so chucked it to rob so he could marvel my clever-ness and he wasnt prepared and didnt catch it and it rolled right into his dinner! Rob is a big sauce fan and this day he had gone for BBQ and although he had finished his dinner there was a huge puddle of BBQ sauce, and you guess it, it rolled right in.
I didnt even looked it ran so quickly to get 'her' cleaned up. I did really well and didnt cry, very proud of myself (its not the easiest knit). So she is forever stained, but my plan is to put her head over the stain.
So thats it, I hope to have her finished by the weekend, the ears are crocheted so perhaps heather might check out the pattern for me (pea's heather).
Other knitting news i am very nearly finished the chunky baby cardi so that should be done soon. And one of the presents i have just finished turned out ok, was worried size wise but its fine, but still a while before i can share that, but for now i have to start another secret something.
Right enough talk, i have a order to do (yippee) and i need a bath, aching even more than last night somehow. Thanks for stopping by.
Oh yes and a give away tomo i completely forgot, will do it some point tomo evening and prob only be a short giveaway so prob draw it saturday ish. xx


Nicola said...

Rach ! you silly billy !! fancy throwing poor Nellie's body and getting it all saucy ...I'm sure it will turn out super cute anyway xxx

Rachael said...

Aw poor little elephant, at least you can cover the stain with her head!

JO SOWERBY said...

thank goodness it was something repairable. i had visions of lola going to the vets or the house falling thru. glad all ok with nelly and everyone else. that will teach u to throw nelly at rob........he obviously wasnt any good at ball sports. I got my new ribbon today and have given feedback
Jo xxx

Heather said...

ok I'll have a look, can I look at the wknd though?

Heather said...

ok I'll have a look, can I look at the wknd though?

Candace said...

Nellie's colour is beautiful. sure the stain will be covered and she will look just fine

Kerry said...

lol that is the sort of thing I would do too. It is a gorgeous colour though.


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