Thursday, 22 April 2010

Whos does like.....

a sketch? huh! I really like them great starting point and mine never look like the should which is probably a good thing.
So this month I designed the sketch for the Sarahs Cards Blog, you can find the actual sketch here

So these are my Folks, this photo sums them up pretty well really,I'm pretty pleased with this page i used mainly the Joy Ride by Cosmo which i love so much more than the others, yet i bought a double 12x12 back of others doh!
So thats the sketch the winner had to be altered for last month as the original winner was asked a special question .
The FABULOUS Lou Collins will be joining our Design Team which i am super excited about, i love love love her word and can now freely stalk her as much as i want to yippee!

Speaking of fabulous look what landed in my mitts today

yummy! i got the 8X8 pack coz this saving for a house is well killing my buying pretty things budget, so just got that, but thats fine (for now) Seriously really yummy paper.
Well i have just got in from Knit Night so im starving marving so off for some chicken in a can!

1 comment:

Laura said...

*yay* I got the 8x8 in both ranges, soooooo pretty!


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