Sunday, 18 April 2010

Shimelles Cyber crop

Hi gang, firstly i just wanted to say thanks for the support you have given to my little shop I have sold 3 so far which i think is good, lots (ok some) of people have asked if i will make ones for little people- yes of course. Also if they can be turned into brooches- I am working on that.
But anyway thanks very much, i thought i would share this with you.

My first order all ready to post! Yippee!
Anyway, today i am here about the Cyber Crop that is currently going on here on shimelles blog/website, I'm having lots of fun taking part and have a list of all the ones i missed yesterday. They have to be uploaded by 6am if you want a chance of winning things in random draws.
So this is what i have done so far.

Challenge 1- Use something to do with cupcakes, now i have had this piece of paper for well over 6 mths and didnt know quite how to use it but today (well friday night) was the day for it to shine, i used the photos from the Marvellous Tea Party i went to a few weeks ago.

Challenge 2- was to use a element of Shims page, i used the title bit, this is me and my cousins baby, and it basically says how there are loads of girls in the family and we just arent used to baby boys, so for some bizarre reason i always thought i would have girls, but this little guy as well as Leannes gorgeous Max and Sjs cutie Fin, have made me think maybe boys arent so bad.

Challenge 3- to use bunting! now how easy is that, it just so happened i had these great photos from the tea party (again) so thought i would use them, i have snuck some old papers on this page as well as some older crate, a bit of sassafras, AC.

So that is all i have done so far and they were only friday nights, she is doing a challenge on the even hours, 10am 12, 2pm etc and inspiration given on the odd hours.
So im pretty far behind, but planning on speeding through some this morning. So will be back later with some more (coz you have to link your blog up)

So they reason I didnt get any done yesterday is because i had my friend round.
Natalie was one of the first people i met when scrapping and one of the only people i still see regularly, even more regularly than my family lol. But Natalie has 2 littlies in her life so doesnt always get time to do some scrapping. So i invited her and all her stuff round for a revamp/ kick up the bum day, She hadnt blogged since November! so we picked a new blog for her using Blog in Box (which is where i got mine from) and re-launched her. So check out her blog here, i think its looking fabulous, i also made/asked her to download the blog application for her iphone so she can blog on the move too.
As well as sorting out her blog i also did some page kits for her, just to get into the swing of things, all the things on her blog were done yesterday, think she did 8, this is what happens when you have me standing over your shoulder lol, i think i also made another 5 for her to take home as well as drawing little sketches.
Right enough chatter i have a million challenges to catch up on. thanks for stopping by XX


Julie said...

I'm so pleased your shop is going well and I've been keeping an eye on Shimelle challenges but I've had to pack up all my craft supplies ready for the housemove so all I can do is bloghop:(
Enjoy the sunshine - xxx

Scraptastic Mel x said...

Love, love, love the cupcake page - for obvious reasons. What range is the cupcake cardstock? Its so cute! I love your bunting page too it's really effective use of "white" space.
Congrats on the shop too they are really cute! x

Joeski said...

Loving the new shop, so much so that first order looks very like the one I ordered? Hopefully that is it and I'll look forward to recieving it this week. Lovin the pages also, super talented. Xx

Nat said...

Mmmm I love that cupcake paper too. Glad you and Natbag had a great time together x

Rachel said...

hee hee it is yours, you were my very first order, i just emailed you actually, to your paypal address, did u get it? Hope i havent spoilt the suprise!

Heather said...

great lo's - i have that cupcake paper too and not found a use for it yet

airing cupboard crafts said...

Wow Rachel you have been busy!!!!! LOs are wonderful x


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