Tuesday, 20 April 2010

My Favouritest!

Yes its a word! So i have finally finished my lovely 20s hat, it is from this fabulous book

yes that is my hat on the front.
So here is the process to end result!

it was at this point i started to go mental, tiny needles and tiny wool, well for me anyway lol
Now onto the hat, i was suppose to pick up all the stitches from the brim but i would well really rather not, so i just thought i would knit it separately and sew it together.

So it was finally finished!
Well it was crazy curly wurly and as Natalie had just made one she came round and helped me block it, which basically means stop it being curly and get it in the proper shape.
So this is what you do/ can do

soak in water careful not to scrunch it up,

lift out of water carefully so it doesnt hang and stretch

lay on a towel and roll over to get excess water out of it

roll up a towel about the same size of your head i.e if your head measures 20inches round try and make towel that size by rolling it up. Then pin the brim around the hat.

let them sit on shelf/airing cupboard to get dry.
then TA DA!

i have pretty much not taken this off since sunday afternoon, literally its freezing in our office so i get to sit with it on all day long hee hee! Hope you werent terribly bored with such a long knitting post. thanks for stopping by.
p.s i was so excited because my followers were 49 for ages then i was like doh i want 50 and now i have 53 exciting times, sad but makes me happy bunny lol


Joeski said...

Lovin your new hat, it's fab just wish I could knit. Also recieved my package from the funky beau today it's lovely, thank you. Joanne x

Sarah xx said...

Fab hat Rachel and it really suits you! Well done for finishing it xx

JO SOWERBY said...

i thinnk this new hat has to be my favouritest u've made rachel. congrats, you look divine!!!
Jo xxx

Sarah said...

Great Hat!! Really suits you!!x


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