Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Up the hill!

God tuesday do nothing for me, still so close to the previous weekend still scarily far away from next weekend. But today i woke up to sun streaming in my room, (dont ask me how with blackout curtain, normal curtains and blinds) and then as i woke up i remembered why i had to be happy, my little lollipops was getting better yippee! So I went to work a little less begrudgingly than normal, had a good knit on the bus and at lunch, and now i sit waiting for the 'hump' that is wednesday to begin. Do you think of the week like a hill?
Anyway enough of my random waffle. What i have got to share with you today? oh yes i havent gone through last months 365 pics with you.

So the month started with me being poorly, so i sat and read my favourite blog all day! then i was poorly some more, then we thought lets buy a house, then takeaway, then thai meal out, then we saw THE house, some scrapping, some Nero, more knitting, we watched UP, went home, saw Wilson, had valentines day, cooked, made something, signed a mortgage, more takeaway, new jumper, new stash,

tidy desk, cute robbie, none day, random activity at work, made mitts, got loads of wool, and again, rob and Lloyd.

So not a bad month but i am very glad that it is over and here we are already on the 16th day of March and its getting warmer and sunnier and just nicer. Currently i am addicted to flowers.

So along with flowers i am all about the sunshine, and saturday i think it was, we went to Roundhay Park, its like 15 mins walk and i am very lucky that rob is happy to be photographed. These are a few of my favourites, ok quite a few.

So thats all for now, i am doing a little scrapping, followed by a bit of knitting, im trying to get to a bit i am going to be stuck with in time for the knit night tomo night lol.
Right, oh yes lastly, thank you so much for all your sweet comments about Lola, she is a old lady now but i would like to think that we will have her a while yet. TTFN

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