Monday, 15 March 2010

Flowers and Butterflies

So yesterday I did Rachaels class from the retreat. you can see hers here.
This is mine

This class is so cute, very un-me but i loved it, i used a really old photo. All my scrapping is me and rob and lola too so i thought i would try and get a bit of family in there too.
So thats it for now, we are just about to leave for the vets, Lola was running in her wheel last night which i think is good, surely poorly girls dont run in wheels lol.
Fingers crossed for my gorgeous girlie, will keep you updated- best go and wake her up and get her in a box- bet she will love that lol
Thanks for stopping by x


Raven said...

What an amazing layout! Love love love the colors.

Rachael said...

You have done a lovely job Rachel despite it being definitley not you! Hope Lola is alright x

Sarah said...

Great Layout, different to your usual style but still as fab! Hope Lola is okay!


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