Thursday, 25 March 2010

Be Loved

Hi gang what a busy week this is turning out to be! I have just got in from a yummy curry with some work people, but boy am i ready for a night in, and tomo i am going home home (up north) and looking forward to doing well nothing much. Well the saturday i am going to meet my cousins new baby with lots of pressies so that will be nice.
Anyway Be Loved- i bought this collection and i have no idea why i didnt get it sooner i love love love it! and im really quite chuffed with the page i did on saturday, I actually put it on the wall, much to the horror of rob, but only because we cant do anything in this house coz we are moving out lol.
Anyway you wanna see? be warned butterflies and lots of them.

Love this paper sooo much. i have also used the tiny 99p stamps i havent used in a age but i saw someone use them recently and forgot how cute they were.
So how un me is this page, but i really like it, i used lace for goodness sake lol. (sorry everything is getting underlined and no idea why)
So as well as this page i also did one of the classes from the Sarahs Cards Retreat, i did Sarah (gerties) class and i loved it, i really like A4 pages but i struggle it think the key is not to use a 6x4 photo i really think thats the prob i have so i loved this class.

cute isnt it? ( oh underlines have stopped)
So you might wonder why i havent posted anything knitted like lately, trust be told i started something and got soo mad with it i stopped, i havent started something and stopped with my knitting until this and im so mad i 'lost' a weeks worth of knitting ggrr. I just did it wrong the pattern is playing and just grr and grumble.
But i have been making something else which im like 99% done with but its a present so cant post yet plus its not finished, anyway sneak peak!

yes photo taken on my new knitting bag.
So in other news incase i hadnt mentioned it enough already Heather is back in Leeds woo, and tonight we went for a work curry and took some naffy photos on my iphone, (dont get my started as to why i didnt have my camera) but these are the naffy photos for your enjoyment.

Seriously giant Naan Bread.
and finally i got my hair cut this week, complete impulse, i know i know i wanna grow it but its got to look decent whilst growing right lol.

The photos is pretty bad, taken by myself at my desk (before work) when my mate text to say send me a pic of your new hair.
Well thats is finally all caught up blog wise, back to the other million things i havent been able to do this week because i have been a social butterfly!
Thanks for stopping by ttfn


Sarah xx said...

Seriously cute LO's rachel - especially the first one!

Anna said...

I'm loving your new sytle! I love your 'Be loved' layout, great lace!

Sarah said...

The Beloved range is on my "Want" list too!! Gorgeous layout!!x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous layouts Rachel. :)

I still haven't finished any classes yet, but getting there!

Fab hair doo!


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