Thursday, 4 February 2010

Storing it up.

I appear to have lots of stuff stored up to show you, i tend to drip feed it incase i run out.
I am still not very well so sat in bed blogging, i hope thats aloud, sitting in bed on the computer is all i seem fit to do lately.

Whats first? right, my bolero is finally finished i got it sewn up on monday night, my head is in none of them coz i am gross and sick lol and we are ignoring the gross hair too.

Im pretty pleased with it, its my biggest project yet and its a bit snug but think thats just me getting bigger not my knitting lol, dont know which is worse yet lol.
I have also been starting a couple of things here and there, i must tidy up my area in the living room maybe when im feeling a bit better saturday lol i will do it on saturday thats when i predict i will be well enough.

what else? (runs off to check desktop for saved things)
oh yes the lovely amazing iphone as a fab 365 app which is so handy having a camera on the phone and the app right there, i know if i had to upload them to flickr or something i wouldnt so here is what my january looked like.

so i didnt know about it till the 2nd which is why i have no 1st photo, but i did....
started baby bootes, tidied xmas toys away, went back to work, it snowed, it snowed harder, made baby cards, bought wool, made tons of food, had a anniversary, got proper wool, made a shawl, started a neck thing, finished neck thing, had cuddles with lloyd the giant dog, made the fireplace pretty.

then took photos of my knitting stuff, then rob looked yummy, then nightmare bus ride, then saw pretty coat, then had chinese, knitted on the bus, printed tons of photos out, made a heart, nearly finished bolero, made brownies, had a cake sale, got tons of chunky wool, rob was home when i got in from work and door looked pretty, saw cute things in comic shop, saw pretty sunset.
Im jolly glad january is over wasnt a terrible month but always like to get it over and done with.
This post is gonna be huge so will save the rest but thought i would end on this page i did last week/ week before.

i did a picasa job on some of my favourite layouts of 2009, i have no idea how many i actually got done but im pleased to have this page as a document of some of them.
Thats it, thanks for your lovely get well soon comments, i shall survive. lol


JO SOWERBY said...

hi rachel, im still in bed too, i have pig flu!!!!!! so my old work colleagues are sorting out someone to collect the tamiflu for me. what a hoot!!!! mind you haven't felt this ill for ages so had to be something horrid! anyway hope ur on the mend soon,
Jo xxxx

Pink Blossom Creations said...

Sorry your still not well... love your latest creations.
Keep warm, get better soon
Caroline x


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