Sunday, 10 January 2010


Its mine and robs 6th Anniversary today, i obviously got my degree out of uni which im not using naturally (but who is) but i got my lovely fella out of uni and that makes uni worth it. So i have put a bit of a collage together of our years together if you want a nosey!

Although i met Rob in my first week of uni at work in blockbusters it took a few months for us to get together, and a bit thing that first year was i went off to do Camp America for 3 months in the June but we came out stronger at the other side.

2005- Robs 21st, Rob graduated and we saw each other at xmas for first time oh and got matching hats which we still wear now!

2006- started off tough rob was working in birmingham and i was still at uni so lots of Ichat going on, but i graduated and we moved in together to leeds in the october, and had our first xmas day together.

2007- was a great year, i got a job that didnt make me cry, we went to Disneyland Paris, and Turkey, we moved to our lovely city centre flat just fab year.

2008- Started off well by getting our lovely little Lola, we went on a very rainy camping trip for robs birthday, we went to Florida for the first time, we also went back to Disneyland Paris for a little xmas trip.

2009- and it just gets better and better, a awesome southern road trip where sj took some of my favourite photos ever, we moved into a whole house, we had a lovely warm couple of months in our pretty garden and we went to Florida again yippee!
Pretty awesome 6 years, wonder what the next 6 will bring!


beksynormz said...

Congrats Rachel and Rob xxxx

JO SOWERBY said...

happy anniversay, could there be a small jewel encrusted band somewhere in ur future perhaps?
have a fab day
Jo xxx

cathy said...

Happy Anniversary Rachel & Rob x x

Hope you had a good day!

(Any sign of the big white day happening yet hun?)

Jo said...

Congratulations, you have some lovely photos and great memories

Kate said...

Congratulations :-)


Debbie said...

Aw this is a lovely little set of photos, the slightly freaky thing is that I actually remember the things from the past couple of years so I feel slightly like a stalker now.


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