Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Story of Santa

So Santa we have a thing in our family that we all have knitted santas, here is my mams

here is mine

My sisters and granny have them too but no photos, so i thought i would include Robs mam in on it too.And as they dont have a xmas tree i thought well at least they will have a santa, so i started him way back in July, and this is him in progress.

sat in the sun knitting his boots

at baa ram ewe geting help

his hat on the train to the cabin in the woods

mam teaching me how to sew up

And here he is TA DA!I'm pretty proud of myself but as i only finished in early november safe to say i shall never make another but im pleased with him and will be super proud when i see him up at their house.
Thats all for now x


JO SOWERBY said...

so cute, where did you find the pattern?
jo xx

Sally said...

oh wow, he is just amazing, Rach you are so talented!!! am TRES impressed!!! loving your work chick xxxx

Jenny said...

Aww rach he's fab! I've got the xmas special book too everything in it is super super cute. You did a great job :) x x


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