Monday, 7 December 2009

How Dark?

As you know i have been off work sick for a few days to today going back to work i was in for a shock at just how dark it is outside seriously ick.
Today is a to be a day like any other but me and a couple of work friends are going to the German Xmas Market at lunch which should brighten up the day unless its raining again lol.
Anyway i thought i would share some pages with you as i am up early, i have slipped behind with my JYC again because i couldnt find the photo i was looking for ggrr so will hunt it out tonight.

This is a page of my love for the Fossil shop in Florida the discount that is i bought literally tons, everything was so pretty and i could of spend so much more.

This is one of our whitebox photos (my family and i went yesterday) quite a hard photo to pick a title for but with a group effort from the DT team we got one, i used a million of Rach's buttons lol, so it was her in fact that made me want tons of bags of buttons lol.
right i best get ready for work, 15 days at work to go, i can do it, i can do it!!!

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