Friday, 18 December 2009

Gadget of the decade!

It's official well according to 'the gadget show" the iPhone is the best, I'm currently blogging on the bus awesome!

Speaking of awesome is the snow! We don't get much in the uk and never so close to Xmas, my fingers are crossed for a White one but I doubt it, I have never had one and in theory rob couldn't drive up to the north east hhmm!

Anyway photos just on my phone walking to work


Pretty huh shame I can't stay home.
So yesterday I got a very exciting parcel

Ooh a million circular needles yippee! My friend Natalie told me about a great knitting website seriously the quickest delivery I have ever known very impressed.
Right nearly at work hope everyone has a lovely snow day! X

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JO SOWERBY said...

keep warm in your homemade knits rachel
jo xxx

Claireliz said...

no snow for me :(
I need an iphone, I want to blog in my lunch hour. Are they really easy to use, I hate having to faff about & wait (oh, I think thats called impatience, oops. I do fancy one but I'm undecided.


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