Tuesday, 29 September 2009

New background?

Do we like it? not too much is it? i had a really nice red with white dots but it did terrible things to my lovely pink work that lovely SJ did for me, but this is quite subtle. Right lets think what i have to blog about tonight (brb checking iphoto)
Oh yes i am getting all exciting about my trip, me and some of my favourite girls are once again heading to the Cabin in the Woods (official title)

we have all kinds of fun here see..

We go 2 weeks on friday and im excited, its before the clocks go forward so might not be crazy dark lol but i will be wrapping up i slept in my hoodie last time in March lol
Not much in the way of layouts to share just yet as i have been working on DT stuff, but i have just watched a really cool program that was on last night, while i was zonked out on the sofa

Its really fun Erica isnt happy with her life and goes back each episode to try and re do it over, there was a double bill so i have been sat for 2 hours watching t whilst slowly starting my knitting again! shock horror really have to get a move on with it.
Afraid thats all best go and scrap so i have something worth while to show you lol TFL X

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Amanda said...

Love the background who can resist cute little cupcakes lol


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