Thursday, 24 September 2009

do you Twilight?

who loves it? well i do and i have been waiting to share this layout with you since before i went on holiday

I thought i would document how addicted i appear to have become, so i can remember in the future.
I did this layout for the Sarahs Cards blog . i was given some yummy paper to work with so i did my twilight page and a completely different one

One of many of our squinty photos from Yorkshire Sculpture park lol
Also i have made my final scrappy purchses for well a while, came home and got a few things from Sarahs Cards that i was after and couldnt get in Florida, shocking i know first of course you need

Who doesnt need herma huh? and with a weekend away next month and in November i needed supplies, had to be new dispenser as well which i wasnt chuffed about but my other one had given up. So i also got these

I love love ickly thickers and when these came out in fabric i needed them, couldnt get them at 2peas or in florida so had to get them here, so as they arrive i see these are new at the shop erm how cute huh
lastly scrapping wise i wanted this

Michaels had so many punches but not this one or the other one i wanted doh! so had to get it here amazing the price difference but never mind.
And even more lastly, i had a bit of dvd splurge when i got back, now i havent bought any dvds since got knows when certainly not this many but i had a look on and they had some great prices so i got these

A real mix i think, still resisting twilight till i have finished the books, like 3/4 through the 3rd so nearly there, i find i cant read it at night now coz i dream about it too much i found this with harry potter too lol, but a fun mix of cheap dvds which is always good.
I have a day off work tomo, figured be knackered by the end of the week so i booked it off before my jollies, and im glad i did, planning on a nice bike ride to the park with OH and some nice photos, weather is nice at the mo sunny a little cold so you can wear something cosy but not too hot, my kind of weather. Thanks for looking as ever x


Tina said...

Love the layouts

JO SOWERBY said...

love the twilight lo...........really clever use of papers etc. don't wait to finish all the books to watch the've got to see it before the next instalment comes out. Plus u won't see anything u haven't already read about. Enjoy.

Kerry said...

Love how you have used apples on the Twilight layout. Fantastic books.

Linda Elbourne said...

Lovely work ... and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Twilight ... a fabulous series of books!


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