Monday, 24 August 2009

The rest of the weekend

After returning from my trip down south in the sun, i arrived in Leeds in search of a suit case being as we go to Florida next sunday- had a mentioned that? i think i might of, and i found this beauty

I am all about dots lately so when i found this in Primark i was chuffed, so once we get the other case from MIL we can start packing, plan on taking 2 hold all in each case like last year.
I also had a amazon order delivered.

I am getting through the Twilight books nicely, not had much chance of reading this weekend and been busy sorting internet orders out in the evenings but plan to hit them hard this week, so i got the 4th book, i didnt buy it at first, i had already spent £15 on the first 3 but when i saw it was on amazon cheap i couldnt resist, i also got the Time Travelers Wife, funny story. When i went to london whilst at uni to do some work experience, the lady i stayed with gave me this book and to be honest it didnt sounds or look like my thing, but i am ashamed to say it i saw the traveller and thought i would give it a try, at least i got the book before watching the film though lol.
I also arrived to find my yarn order had come

real yarn, which is scary that must mean i am getting serious lol but fun colours not 100% sure what i will do with it but exciting.
Also as mentioned in previous post my little lola got in Scrapbook Inspirations this month eeekk

And finally i have a layout to share did this like a month ago now, still catching up, i am spoon feeding you them as i havent been doing any lately, but given how much i have just spent online i will be doing ALOT more

thats all for now, tomo i have my August Sarahs Cards DT Work to share.


Enfys said...

Wicked case! And congrats on the SI LO.

Claire said...

Love the suitcase - you certainly wont miss it in baggage!

Saw your LO in SI - well done! Lovely LO.



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