Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Not a feather boa in site

Hi guys just a quick post before work, my lovely friend Heather is getting married on saturday, so we headed into town a couple of days ago for a meal and some drinks, we/ she very much didnt want to go for the pink hen do, cowboy hat, matching tshirt look. If anyone did that for me when i ever have one i just would go home lol but it was lovely just a few girls from work so here are a few snaps.

Fun huh! so this weekend me and my lovely friend Franwho has just got back from working in a orphanage in India, so lots of catching up to do which is just as well given the train is about 4 hours lol, i plan to take some crochet or my knitting, trying to get better at both.
Right i swear i will do a purely scrappy post tonight or tomo TFL X

1 comment:

Jen said...

haha I remember this time of year in Leeds - the feather boa and pink hat brigade were always out in vast numbers!


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