Thursday, 20 August 2009

2 in a day

Yes one at the start of the day and one at the end, it thought i would show you pics of my new hair, not sure if i made it clear before that that was me though the year getting shorter and shorter, its super short now, i am really pleased with it though.

Now i just need a really dark brown dye and im sorted lol.
Other thing that is going on in my world appears to be Twilight, i wasnt so sure you know i like my chick lit and was curious about them so when i got a free HMV voucher i bought them, I read the first in 2 days which is impressive given i have a full time job lol, but i have just started this one NEW MOON

Trying to pace myself though so i can still knit, crochet and scrap and speak to rob instead of just reading my book lol, although i have a very long train ride to Banbury on sat so i might read some them lol.
I havent yet decided about the film, i watched the trailer tonight and it threw me as to why it wasnt exactly like it was in my head, her house, the school etc so i might wait till i have finished coz i dont wanna be thinking of the film version throughout all the book, pretty posters though

So in other news me and Rob headed up to Kirkstall Abbey last night which was pretty

The last few photos we sat down on a blanket and i read my book, i was sat here for those who know the books, during the 'Baseball' scene so was bit weird sun streaming in spooky abbey behind me, we werent out long but was a nice trip out as our house appears to have become a furnace. Right i am off to be with my book lol


my5bratz said...

the hair looks fabtastic, LOVE the photos of the Abbey...have fun with the books, you'll love them...I have 4 of them on my computer and read them in a week, just HAD to, lol

beksynormz said...

The hair looks fab Rach xx

Mole said...

Really like your new hair cut - suits you!

Linda Elbourne said...

The hair looks lovely ... a really nice cut and you should try the new perfect 10 range of dyes ... really quick and the colour stays and stays!

I am with you on the Twilight movie ... Edward just was n't beautiful enough [he is out of Harry Potter for heavens sake *LOL] and they mess around with the order of things ... I wish I had stuck to just the books!


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