Sunday, 12 July 2009

Colour me Happy

So yesterday i headed over to Warrington for the first GoGo Day Event, i had awesome time and the classes were great they were taught by Helen Miles, Eileen Webdale & Karen Cole. First one we did was Somewhere over the Rainbow.

Still think it needs a little more work but nearly there.

This was a great mini book class Karen taught its not nearly finished yet so just a look at the front for now

This was Helens class and super cute, bit of a naf photo thought, it was really fun to do.

This was Eileens class, i had a switch of the papers and used Cosmo instead, this one had to be things we would find at the end of a rainbow Pot of Gold, so i have my family, friends and Lola.

This was the final class and a perfect end to a busy day, super cute box no idea what to put on the front so put my name lol
As well as all the fun with the classes i had a unexpected surprise.

My lovely friend Ali who i used to crop with appeared i had no idea she was going and havent seen her for over a year so was really happy to see her there.

Lots of random pics of the day mainly a view from my seat, we had a perfect mix of classes and down time and would love to do another lastly a huge thank you to Anna- YorkieGirl (uks) who drove me there and back couldnt of gone without her help!

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