Thursday, 18 June 2009

Me, myself and I

I guys i have some photos to share with you, my mate Natalie took some photos of me while we were at Gogo and I of her, she sent me my pics today and i really like them, i couldnt afford the proper shoot but am super happy with the ones nat has taken.

Fun arent they! and a few more gogo pics

I am having a night in with my paper tonight, for tomorrow i have another huge dentist appointment but thankfully my last which is just as well coz its a million pounds, not feeling quite as nervous as last time but not great. On saturday me and rob are going to a photo shop which is in Leeds, its only a 15 mins session but you get at least 50 photos on a disk straight away so thought it would be fun.
Wish me luck for tomo best get back to my paper!


Natalie said...

Looking good hun, although that one of you on the steps is meant to be landscape LOL!
Good luck for tomorrow, just think of how great you'll look for your photo session (ours is Sunday, can't wait!)

Polly said...

Goodluck with the dentist :) And piccies of you look fab-berooney!


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