Monday, 15 June 2009

The House of Apple

Well i wasnt much looking forward to this week but had a nice surprise on the way to work, my mam and dad were coming down for the day, o we arranged a little lunch and rob managed to come too so we headed to wagamamma which was yummy as ever, and as i went back to work they went to my house to drop of lovely treats including new plants for my garden. So that jollied my monday up.
On another note i have currently addicted to these beauties

seriously i have used them on every layout i have done this weekend they are very versatile and stamp really well.
This weekend i finally pulled my sewing machine out of the spare room, this machine did my proud during my degree but have not made a single thing since then, you forget how dramatic sewing clothes is until you start again so im sticking to paper for now

Also i got myself this cute little book from paperchase i love it coz its a cute size cute colour and really fat and all the pages are coloured so be great for layouts as well as using my scalloped punch on it too

So on a apple kind of note as you may know my oh rob works for apple, so he is quite keen on the new things, i have been dying for a new keyboard for ages so i finally got one and its tiny

Dinky isnt it? So more apple fun, the new releases are a big deal in our house and Rob was most excited by one of the lap tops so guesss what he came home with today

Yep brand new one to that takes the total Apple computers in our house to 5!! so having a bit of a sort i have just got a mac mini but robs old one is prettier than mine so might swap but will see, at the very least i will steal the mouse with the scroll thing on. Thanks for looking xx


Carmen said...

Ooh love that notebook *tries to think of a paperchase near here* Did you say FIVE Apple comps in your home? Lucky you ;)

ally said...

oh i so need those stamps lol


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