Thursday, 11 June 2009


Finally got around to blogging, had a hectic/crap week and with lost internet and rob being away means i havent blogged but aannnyway!
I had a great time at the getaway the girls did a fab job, nats drove me down i was super glad not to get the train so thanks!
The classes were all super cute if unfinished at the moment, but thats my plan for the weekend as well as sleeping, i wasnt up that late maybe after 1am both nights but i have been all but useless this week, so weekend catch up.
So some photos i have stole them from, nats, leanne, and Sj and a few of my own hope thats ok guys x

thats all for now, maybe might have some lo to share next time when i finally unpack x

1 comment:

Natalie said...

Oooh you thief you LOL!
I'm putting them on a CD as we speak I promise!
Anyway, I want to see the layouts/projects you did at GoGo.
GoGo get on with it!
P.S. my word verification for this comment is 'robilize' - any ideas?!


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