Monday, 29 June 2009

Currently Addicted to......

No not paper or crafty things i currently love this album

This is the new Pablo Nutini album and it just lush, for those who dont know about Spotify get it, its a free music site there are a few adverts in between but you can literally search anything you want and it places its fab. here is a link hoping it works i have nver linked you tube before here goes sunny side up
We are booking tickets to see him in October in Leeds which will be great.
Another i love is this film..... me and rob saw it when we were in Florida on our last day of the holiday its awesome very Juno like but without the paper bit but also featuring Micheal Cera who is awesome.

Me and rob never buy dvds anymore we have tons, certain not brand new full price ones but we could not resist this one so check it out if you can.
Finally for now another magic musical person, i love Damien Rice always have so chuffed to hear lisa Hannigan who features on tons of his songs has a album so i checked it out and of course its awesome.check her out or here

Thats all for now, i am working hard on my Twisted Sketches work so cant really show you but i am doing it lol, hoping to share something soon, cheers xx

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