Friday, 29 May 2009

Sunshine Lollipops

Day4- and its hot, there was not a single person at my bus stop this morning which was odd, bus was quiet and town quiet i think everyone must of rang in sick and stayed in the sun.
So i missed this off yesterday but i did cut my hair, went for a bit of a mix of everything i guess.

Today being sunny we (gang from work) went to the pub beer garden was packed but inside wasnt so we had a very quick meal, headed to tesco for lollies and headed out in the sun.

Fun times, shame was such a crappy afternoon at work. Tomo i have scrapping and fun at the park with photos planned!


Kazzy said...

Great hairdo. Lunchtime looked like fun!

Chell xx said...

Hair look's fab, and wow to a cool lunch break....

Angie said...

I see you are A Fab Lolly fan, like my daughter.
On your last post you had a leafy ribbon. I so loved it ... never seen that design before.

Anonymous said...

Love the hair!
Mmmmm Fab lollies!


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