Sunday, 26 April 2009

Cooking TIME

So since i moved house i have been learning to cook with a little help from my friends and a little help from the lovely Jamie Oliver, first i tried lasagna which didnt look so pretty when it was finished but tasted good.

Those of you who know me know i tend not to eat ' food of colour' i dont do peppers veg, fruit or anything so quite a big deal that there is now peppers in my fridge all the time!

Easing myself in with shepherds pie

And then i made veg soup which was really nice and one way of getting my 5 a day lol

And then Jamie arrived, my lovely friend Leanne (& kevin) got me the latest Jamie Oliver book after hearing how little i cooked for a new home present so thanks guys i love it.
So first thing i tried was Fajitas inspired my Laura and Will lovely dinner party they did while we were in London

i didnt quite follow the recipe but they tasted blooming good!
So next thing was a big thing, i made a Pie, i used a jamie recipe which was a chicken and leek one but i did it with mushroom, broccoli and carrots to shake it up a little lol

Pretty impressive i think, so today im making some soup for lunch this week and might try a stew and some cakes as i have 100s of eggs to use up.
If you have a recipe to share feel free
thanks for stopping by xx


beksynormz said...

Well done Rachel, everyone should have that book its great. We are having the Chilli from it for lunch! xx

Anonymous said...

Mmm it all looks so yummy! I love cooking but our oven broke, we are getting a new one delivered tomorrow, can't wait to cook proper food again!!

Linda Elbourne said...

It all looks yummy Rachel - and well done you ... I am in my 40's and I never mastered the art of cooking ... luckily I live with a man that has ... or I would be ver ver hungry :0))

Vicki said...

well done to you, that's great - all looks yummy!!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Great cooking, it's a relaxing rewarding and tasty way to go! Don't forget to try Nigella..some of her stuff is literally 10 minutes and fab!


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