Sunday, 29 March 2009

Amazing Trip

I had the best road trip it could not have gone better we started off in Bournemouth where we met up with 2 old uni friends, this is what we got up to there.

Think we are going to have the last one made into a canvas.
Next day was Brighton, the beach wasnt as nice as bournemouth but oooh the shops, we got so much nice stuff which i will try and photograph in a bit b4 i pack it lol, so mainly shopping and not many photos coz it was freezing lol

Next day- thursday we headed to Bexhill to stay with SJ and Ben had some yummy pizza and played lots of games on the night, and the morning we headed out early to get some couple shots sj kindly took for us, then we went to Hastings and had some ymmy fish and chips had a really great time, we also got a few more pics for the house, seriously they have nothing like this at leeds or at least i have never seen it lol.

And sj has given me a peek at the photos she took i stole these off her blog, there are more here

I love them all and cant wait to see the other 120! you guys are going to be so sick of them but i think they are great.
Well in non road trip news i move house next week so really need to get a move on with my packing but i have DT work to do before i pack my desk up so gonna try and squeeze in a lo today lol

thanks for looking


debbie (r61) said...

great photo's rachel, you look like you had a fab time

Jenny said...

Beautiful photos, you lucky girl! x x

kelly said...

pics are fab! road trip sounds fun good luck with the move x

Jo Power said...

Fab photo's I love Brighton Peir. Hope the move goes well good luck.

Vicki said...

wow looks like you had a great time, great photos too xxx

CoventryAnn said...

Great photos, love the B&W chips shot with boats!...or maybe it's just that i love chips :)

Enfys said...

Love the photos. Glad you enjoyed Brighton. I met man there (almost 6 years ago) and looking at your photos brought back a few memories.


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