Sunday, 15 March 2009

12, 3, 19

12 Days without the Internet
3 Days i will be alone while oh goes on a training course
19 Days until we move house.

Im doing quite well net wise considering i have none, im in robs shop which is the apple shop in town, i copied all the lo i did this morning to come and blog so for some reason they arent on my flash pen so im having to show you some old ones.
So some things to share that i did before the big cut off

I really like this lo if i can say that, i used loads of my cute new things and love this photo of our weekend in thornham i cant wait for the next one in july.
These are my folders i got ages ago from saisburys that i have covered in the gorgeous owl paper from paperchase

My thickers

Also a few months ago i got asked to do some work for Craft Stamper, i have finally got a copy of the magazine and quite chuffed with how my work looks, its pretty different from most of the stuff in there but never mind i had fun

i also got some lovely presents as a thanks you

pretty exciting dont you think.

Well i best go and get some food in tonight is when rob is away so think i will just pack and scrap and nip back in the shop to blog even though everyone scares at you lol

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Elizabeth said...

How exciting to be published, many congratulations. Love your new stash organisation!


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